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This week we get the inside scoop about aviation insurance with Alex Walters, Aviation Sales Underwriter from Avemco Insurance Company. Plus, Don shares not one, but 2 tips of the week. Plus, general aviation news, fuel prices and your questions.

We are very excited to be speaking with Alex Winters, an aviation sales underwriter from Avemco Insurance Company. Avemco is the only direct sales underwriting company in aviation. This means you cut out the middle-man and get policy information, prices, and coverage straight from the source. Not only does Avemco help you get the right insurance coverage for your aircraft and financial assets, being a direct underwriter saves you time and money by simplifying the process of obtaining aviation and aircraft insurance. 

In this fascinating episode, Alex helps us understand aviation insurance more clearly by explaining different types of aviation insurance coverage in detail. Then Alex shares a variety of simple ways we can reduce our overall insurance premiums while still having adequate coverage. He also tells us some of the common mistakes most people make when it comes to aviation insurance policies and coverage.

How to get in touch with Alex @ Avemco

If you have any questions about aviation insurance, or you want to get a quick quote, Alex Walters is your guy. Alex can be reached by calling the office and asking for Alex, or by dialing his extension. Avemco's direct number is 1-800-638-8440 ext. 4269. You can also get a direct quote for free online by visiting

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