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Today, Don and I are discussing the King Air series of turboprop aircraft. Then, Don shares insights on getting a second opinion on aircraft maintenance, and I reveal the Tip of the Week. Plus, general aviation news, fuel prices and your feedback.

To date, there are more than 7,000 King Airs flying from the King Air 90 series all the way up to the 350. In fact, when you add up all the flight time, the King Air series has over 60 million flight hours and is one of the most successful aircraft ever built.

The first King Air 200 was delivered in 1974 and brought a whole new realm of speed, comfort, and performance. There are over 2000 King Air 200 models delivered to date. The King Air 200 is part of the Super King Air family which includes the 200, 300, and 350. The King Air 200 is merely a stretched version of the T-tail King Air F-90 with more powerful engines.

King Air 200 Models include the A200, 200T, and B200, each more refined over time with better engines, upgraded cabins, and more sophisticated avionics.  The B200 was in production until 2009 when it was superseded by the King Air 200GT and now the King Air 250.

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