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Welcome to The Airplane Intel Podcast, the weekly General Aviation podcast for aircraft owners, operators, pilots and mechanics. We deliver practical advice, tips and strategies to make aircraft ownership simple, safe and cost effective.

Show Notes

This week, we’re talking about the ins and outs of jet aircraft ownership from planning, acquisition, cost control, maintenance, and more. Plus, general aviation news from the AOPA, fuel prices, and Don's Tip of the Week about the best way to source spare aircraft parts.

In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tom Wachowski of the Private Jet Podcast. Tom is an Aviation Professional focused on safety, service, and leadership to reduce risk and increase value in business, corporate, and private flying. He founded the Private Jet Podcast to serve the business aviation community and continuously learn best practices within the industry. Tom's professional background includes nearly two decades in aviation including airline, charter, and corporate flight operations. Today, he flies a Falcon 2000 LXS in the United States.

Private jets are literally a magic carpet - they can take you just about anywhere you want faster and more efficiently than any other mode of travel.  If you've ever considered getting a corporate jet, this episode is for you! Whether you're a private owner, small business, corporate flight department, or even a commercial operator, We're going to discuss a wide range of private jet types, prices, differences in operating costs, maintenance considerations and more. 

The good news is, used jet prices are at some of the lowest acquisition prices ever. After steady market value decline since 2008, this buyers market won't last long. Many experts speculate that jet prices will soon rise, which means now is the time to get into the private jet market. In fact, many used light jets can be bought for half the price of many new single-engine piston aircraft such as the Cirrus SR-22 or Cessna 182T. However, jet ownership is inherently more complex than simply purchasing a piston single. Thus, the more you know, the safer you'll be and the less you'll spend.

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