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Show Notes

Today, we’re talking with Max Trescott, famous flight instructor, glass cockpit and Cirrus expert, author, consultant, and podcaster about glass cockpits and the Cirrus. Plus, general aviation news, the tip of the week and your feedback.

A few years ago when I put together a presentation on “How to Buy an Airplane” I investigated accident statistics associated with people flying their new baby home. There were a surprising number of accidents either on the way home, or shortly after they got back home. Some of these accidents were with 10,000 hour ATP airline pilots. Hence, people planning on buying, should also think through getting the plane home safely.  As a Cirrus factory trained instructor, I always want to see people get their training and help on long trips from an expert in their aircraft type, not someone who has 10,000 hours, but knows almost nothing about the plane they’re climbing into. I can dig into my presentation and pull out one or more accident stories (I remember one vividly, which occurred locally).

Type training is incredibly important. Both the Lancair and Cirrus owners groups have seen their accident rates decrease dramatically by emphasis on training. A number of high profile Cirrus accidents were with CFIs who were either unfamiliar with the airplane, or with the local area in which they were giving instruction. It pays to learn from an expert…you’ll learn a lot more from the expert, even if it costs a little more per hours (I have a great local example of this).

Evaluating new versus used Cirrus aircraft purchases. Lot of hidden costs areas that make the comparison difficult. This is an area where I work with people around the country, and as part of the interview, I’d like to encourage them to contact me early in their decision making process.

our guest max trescott

Max Trescott is a fulltime flight instructor. He’s a Cirrus Platinum CSIP instructor, and specializes in teaching in Cirrus Aircraft.

He started flying at age 15 and finished his pilot certificate in college. He has degrees in Electrical Engineering, Psychology, and a MBA. He spent 25 years working in sales and marketing for Hewlett-Packard. He lives in Mountain View, California in Silicon Valley.

Twelve years ago he left HP and he now devotes full time to teaching flying, writing, consulting and giving speeches and seminars. He’s written two books, including Max Trescott’s G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook, now in its fifth edition.  He is a cohost for the popular Airplane Geeks podcast, and he recently started his own podcast called Aviation News Talk, which is focused exclusively on General Aviation.

In 2008, he was named by the FAA as the National Certificated Flight Instructor of the Year, to represent the 96,000 flight instructors in the United States. 

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