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episode 23 show notes

This week we’re speaking with Ken Wolf, owner of a 1996 Cessna 525 Citation Jet. He tells about his aircraft and what it’s like to own a jet, as well as compares his aircraft with similar aircraft such as the Citation CJ1, CJ1+ and M2. Ken also tells us about jet ownership costs, maintenance, and training. Plus, the tip of the week, the Plane Partnership Program, and more. Be sure to scroll down the page to access all the videos, links, and other resources for this episode. 

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Inside Look at the Citation 525 CJ with our guest ken wolf

Plane Partnership Program - fly for less

If you’re interested in becoming an aircraft owner, sharing your costs is often the most practical solution. Whether you’re looking for a co-owner or lease partner, our Plane Partnership Program is for you. With a partnership, aircraft ownership becomes more accessible and more affordable than ever before. Your acquisition, maintenance, and ownership costs are literally a fraction of sole ownership, without compromising flexibility or safety. Our program works for a wide range of situations including personal, business, or corporate travel; co-ownership, cost-sharing partnerships, flight training, and leasebacks.

Cessna citation jet videos

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