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Episode 41 Show Notes

Airplane Intel Podcast episode 41. This week we interview Mitch, the owner of a 1962 Mooney M20C. He shares the ins and outs of Mooney ownership including maintenance, cost of ownership, and more. Plus, aircraft ownership news, new videos, and a few big announcements.

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our guest mitch berger

Mitch Berger is a retired Attorney and Police Officer originally from Connecticut who now resides in Naples, Florida. A CFII and ATP rated pilot Mitch has been a pilot since the early 1990’s and has approximately 3200 hours of flight time. In 1998 he purchased a 1962 Mooney M20C, N6503U and has flown this aircraft in excess of 2400 hours. His primary mission is flying between the New Haven, Connecticut area (KHVN-Tweed New Haven airport) and Naples Airport, (KAPF), flying to the Bahamas and in the summers Nantucket, Block Island, the Cape and other northeast desinations. Since March of 1999 Mitch has made approximately 100 round trips up and down the east coast in his Mooney.

He originally purchased his Mooney because he wanted economical, fast and reliable transportation and an aircraft that was a stable IFR platform to accommodate himself and perhaps one additional passenger.

As you will learn Mitch has extensively updated his Mooney with autopilot, the latest avionics including ADSB out/in in addition to paint and interior.

Although he is not a licensed A and P you will learn that Mitch is an active participant in the maintenance of his Mooney and has an extensive knowledge of airworthiness issues and other mechanical issues unique to the Mooney brand and vintage Mooneys in particular.

In addition to flying and flight instructing Mitch currently is employed as a Ramp Assistant at the Naples Airport where he keeps his aircraft hangared.

Mitch can be reached at and will be happy to answer any and all questions you might have about vintage Mooney aircraft, his cross country adventures and aviation in general.

If you perform any maintenance on your airplane, you must learn how to safety wire! Unfortunately, safety wiring can be flat-out difficult without the right tools and training. Our friend and fellow pilot/A&P has put together a step-by-step video course with real-world examples, so you can learn the trick, tips, and techniques to safety wire like a pro!

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