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Episode 48 Show Notes

 In part 4 of our “How to Buy an Airplane” series, what you should know about aircraft insurance before the purchase with Avemco Insurance underwriter Alex Walters. Plus, why your insurance agent can prove to be a valuable member of your aircraft ownership support team.

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Our Guest Aviation Sales Underwriter Alexander Walters

Alex joined Avemco Insurance Company in 2014, having grown up near the traffic pattern of the Avemco Home Office in Frederick, Maryland. He came to Avemco via a degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of Maryland, followed by a stretch as a personal banker. His experience helping people manage their finances gives Alex a unique insight into how important it is that our customers know every aspect of their policy. He says, “People understand car and home insurance, but they have a lot more questions about aircraft insurance simply because it’s so much more complicated. So, I take the time to help them understand it all and help them figure out what they need to know in order to make decisions on how much and what kind of coverage they should have.”

He says that’s one of the things his customers like most about working with Avemco: “The ability to talk directly to an underwriter without having to play phone tag to get past a broker who refers the question to the insurance company and back again.” It turns out his customers are teaching him as much about aviation as he is teaching them about insurance. Alex has learned that one truth every pilot knows: Pilots willingly share their experience and knowledge to help other pilots.

In his spare time, Alex is a dedicated home brewer and athlete, playing on one of Frederick’s co-ed soccer teams.

Download a free copy Avemco's Aircraft Insurance policy here:

You can reach Alex directly at 1-800-638-8440 ext. 4269. You can also learn more about Avemco Insurance Company or get a quote at

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