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Episode 58 Show Notes

This week we speak with an aviation accountant to get inside information on tax-related matters for airplane owners, buyers, and sellers. We’ll cover both ends of the transaction, write offs, depreciation and much more. If you’re an aircraft owner, or thinking about buying or selling one, you won’t want to miss this!

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Our Guest Sue Folkringa - CPA, MTax, ATP


Aviation Taxologist

Sue is a Certified Public Accountant and has been Wolcott & Associates, P.A.’s resident “Aviation Taxologist” since 2008. She is a licensed pilot and proud owner-pilot of a Piper Comanche aircraft and flies gliders in her spare time. Sue completed her Masters of Taxation from Florida Atlantic University in 2015, and also holds a MBA - Accounting and Finance and a BBA - Accounting from Grand Valley State University.

Sue is a member of NBAA and serves on their Tax Committee. She also serves on Florida Aviation Business Associations (FABA) Board of Directors, and is a member of AOPA, EAA, AIPCA, FICPA, SFBAA and CalCPA. She is a frequent presenter at NBAA Tax Conferences, AOPA Summits and other industry events. No stranger to public speaking, Sue also co-presents the Wolcott & Associates aviation tax webinars which feature topics that address financial and tax issues relative to aircraft owners, operators, financial and legal professionals.

Find out more about Sue and Wolcott & Associates, PA at

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