059 - [INTERVIEW] Owning a Piper Sarataga & Buying a Cessna 340 | Airplane Intel Podcast - an Aviation Podcast

This week, we interview the owner of a Piper Saratoga. We’ll get an inside look on what it takes to own, fly, and maintain this popular high-performance Piper single from costs, maintenance, performance, and much more. Plus, trading up for a cabin-class twin.

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Our Guest Brendan O’Mara

Brendan O’Mara is a private pilot living in rural Oregon.  He has bought and sold six aircraft while under the age of 40 and working on his seventh – shopping for a pressurized cabin-class twin.  He is co-founder of CRAZEDpilot.com, an aircraft accessories manufacturer and retailer.  He holds multi engine instrument, tailwheel, and powered parachute ratings.

Find out more about Brendan and CRAZEDpilot @ www.CrazedPilot.com