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This week, thanks to several listener requests, we find out how to start and manage a flying club with an exclusive interview. We discuss it all – from start up, growth, day-to-day operations, aircraft maintenance, and how to use technology to streamline operations. Plus, the pros and cons of leasing your airplane to a flying club.

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Our Guests Carson Lee & Matt Smith

Carson is the owner of Turbine Aircraft Logistics, an aircraft management company specializing in the Daher TBM line of turboprop aircraft. Carson also acts as the operations manager for the Orlando Aviators Flying Club, an Orlando Executive Airport based flying club with 130 members, and serves as the chairman of the board of advisors for the Orlando Executive Airport. Carson has been flying for over 16 years with 7500 hours of logged flight time, holds a degree in professional aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, holds an airline transport pilot certificate, is a flight instructor, and also an airframe and powerplant mechanic with inspection authorization. Carson is also the creator and developer of FlyingClub.app, an innovative way to start and manage a flying club.

Matt Smith is a 53-year old professional pilot living near Sanford, FL with his wife and two kids. Originally from Ohio, Matt graduated from Miami University and began flying in 1988. He’s held a number of positions as an aviator including flight instructor, freight pilot, corporate pilot, and airline pilot. After retiring from American Airlines as a Captain, Matt began flying a Challenger 300 corporate jet. In 2008, he purchased the Orlando Aviation Flying Club in Orlando, Florida. To date, the club has over 130 members and five aircraft.