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This week, we go in the field to interview the owner of a Cessna 340 that’s for sale near Atlanta, GA. We’ll get the inside scoop on what it’s like to own, fly, and maintain a cabin-class twin Cessna. So, stay tuned!

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The Cessna 340 is a six seat, pressurized cabin class piston twin developed by Cessna Aircraft company in 1969. Deliveries began in 1971 with almost 1300 airframes produced before production ceased in 1984.

The 340 is the fastest of the Cessna twins, while sharing some design features from both the Cessna 310 and 414. The original 340 was equipped with two-285-horsepower Continental TSIO-520-K engines until 1976, when the Cessna 340A was introduced with TSIO-520-N and -NB engines, capable of 310 horsepower and gross weight increase to 5990 pounds.

The Cessna 340 is surprisingly simple to fly and incredibly stable in IMC conditions. It's also quite fast, cruising at 225 knots at 75% power at FL230, burning only about 20 gallons per side. The Cessna 340 is a perfect go-between airplane for owner/pilots needing more room, comfort, and useful load without the size and complexity of a Cessna 414 or turboprop. Passengers will love it, too thanks to its air stair door, large cabin, and powerful pressurization system.

We're excited to introduce this 1972 Cessna 340, serial number 173. This aircraft features the RAM IV conversion with the more powerful TSIO-520-NB engines, producing 325 horsepower with a TBO of 1600 hours. The RAM IV mod also gives the 340 a gross weight increase to 6,290 pounds, giving us about 2,300 pounds of useful load. Minus the 160 gallons of useable fuel, your full-fuel payload is about 1300 pounds. Both engines have fresh top overhauls and feature McCauley three-bladed Q-tip props. The aircraft is also equipped with full, like-new deice boots, VG kit, nacelle strakes, upgraded avionics, ADS-B in and out, and more. Best of all, this 340 is flown regularly, professionally maintained, and has a fresh annual.