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020 - The Piper Comanche vs. Mooney M20, Prebuys Vs. Annual Inspections, and ADs + More

Welcome to The Airplane Intel Podcast, the weekly General Aviation podcast for aircraft owners, operators, pilots and mechanics. We deliver practical advice, tips and strategies to make aircraft ownership simple, safe and cost effective.

Today, we’re speaking with Dean Showalter of the Airplane Owner Maintenance Podcast to compare the Mooney M20 to the Piper PA-24 Comanche. Then, we discuss prebuys vs. annual inspections and all about ADs. Plus, aircraft ownership news, the tip of the week, and your feedback about aircraft leasebacks

008 - Piper Cheyenne Turboprop, Mentor Pilots + More

This week, Don interviews mentor pilot Henry Fisher. Then we discuss the Piper Cheyenne series of turboprop airplanes and Don reveals the tip of the week. Plus, general aviation news, fuel prices, and your questions.