Plane Partnership Program

Bringing People and Planes Together

If you’re interested in becoming an aircraft owner, sharing your costs is often the most practical solution. Whether you’re looking for a co-owner or lease partner, our Plane Partnership Program is for you. With a partnership, aircraft ownership becomes more accessible and more affordable than ever before. Your acquisition, maintenance, and ownership costs are literally a fraction of sole ownership, without compromising flexibility or safety. Our program works for a wide range of situations including personal, business, or corporate travel; co-ownership, cost-sharing partnerships, flight training, and leasebacks.

Partnerships: Aviation’s Best-Kept Secret

Our Plane Partnership Program pre-screens prospective co-owners, independent aviation service providers, and lease partners from around the country to find a suitable partner in your area. With our program, you will save both time and money, and have access to experts to assist in the transaction making this a hassle-free, turnkey solution.  

How It Works

We start by learning more about you. Simply start by answering the questions below. From there, you will be put into our growing database. When we receive a suitable match, we organize a video conference call with you and your prospective partner(s).

During the call, you’ll get to meet and interview your prospective partner. We facilitate this call to answer your questions and walk you through the steps necessary for a successful partnership. Because we are looking for serious partners, the cost of the conference call is $150 per partner. We can also provide supplemental support such as aircraft research, pre-purchase evaluations, partnership agreements, and other resources for an additional investment.

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If you’re serious about finding the right partner, you’ve come to the right place. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Feel free to contact us by email or call 904-290-3870.