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Do you have a passion for aviation? Do you enjoy being around airplanes?  Whether you’re an airplane admirer or an experienced aviation professional, we want to work with you! Watch the video below to find out more.

We're excited to announce our new Independent Aviation Field Agent program! Adam and Don are testing this new program to build a nationwide network of airplane enthusiasts and aviation professionals such as A&P mechanics and licensed pilots to serve our customers more effectively. As an Independent Aviation Field Agent, you may assist us with virtual prebuys, aircraft sales demos, and even ferrying airplanes to their new owner. 

During a prebuy evaluation, we represent the buyer of an airplane. The purpose of a prebuy is to find out as much about an airplane as possible – from the aircraft’s history and maintenance status, to its overall condition and structural integrity. We also determine the value of the airplane and its defects to ensure the airplane is safe, airworthy, and compliant.

Over the years, Don and I have had the privilege of working with thousands of aircraft owners and buyers, helping select the best airplane and make more informed buying decisions. Thanks to recent technological advances, we've been able to expand our solutions to web-based video conferencing and virtual inspections. We call it a Virtual Prebuy.

A virtual prebuy gives a prospective buyer the opportunity to have a detailed look at the airplane before investing a lot of time or money seeing the airplane in person. We organize a video conference call with our customers as well as the buyer of the airplane and coach them on what to look at – it’s almost like being at the airplane! We can record the meeting, take pictures, and perform research. However, to serve our customers more effectively, we need some help. That's where you come in!

We’re building a nationwide network of Independent Aviation Field Agents. As an independent agent, we’ll call upon you to assist us virtual prebuys and other basic services performed in the field. During a virtual prebuy, you’ll travel to an airplane near your home base, meet with the seller, and show us the airplane through our video conferencing app with your smart phone. We’ll brief you about the airplane and provide you with a checklist prior to arriving, then walk you through the entire virtual prebuy while on-site. You may even fly as a passenger in the airplane during a prebuy test flight.

You don’t need any prior training to become a field agent. We’ll provide a training webinar outlining how the process works and how you’ll be paid. We also coach you while you’re in the field performing the virtual prebuy using our free video conferencing software for each airplane

If you’re an aviation professional, such as an FAA-licensed commercial pilot, CFI, or A&P, we want to work with you, too! We need airplanes ferried to and from maintenance facilities or to be brought to their new owners. Some buyers also need additional training or dual time for added safety and insurance. Any every airplane owner should have a good A&P on their team.

If you love being around airplanes, fill out the short application form below. Once received, we’ll get in touch with you to schedule your training webinar.

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Free registration is now open to podcast listeners, Patreon subscribers, and social media followers. Simply fill out the registration form below to get started and attend a free training webinar. During the webinar you'll find out how the program works, how you'll be paid, and how to use our video conference software. Plus a Q&A session to answer all your questions.

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