About Airplane Intel

Airplane Intel LLC is based on Orlando, FL, though we work with aircraft owners, operators, and prospective buyers throughout the United States and around the world. Originally formed as The Prebuy Guys, specializing in aircraft pre-purchase inspections and acquisition consulting, we have expanded to a complete aircraft ownership firm that goes well beyond the purchase.

Today we are your one-stop-solution for aircraft ownership. We can help you with our holistic approach to aircraft ownership from planning the purchase and pre-purchase inspection, to post-purchase support, aircraft management management, and the sale of your turbine aircraft. We are a team of professional pilots, technicians, inspectors, aviation legal and tax experts with over 60 years' working in the field to help you make safer and smarter decisions with your personal or business aircraft. While we work with all makes and models, we specialize in turbine Cessna aircraft such as the Cessna Citations, Denali, and Caravan.

Our proven strategies and unique perspective help to simplify the process of aircraft ownership and streamline phases of the transaction. We will help you maximize your investment, increase safety, reduce risk, and save money.

Notable industry Achievements

2016: We created the first aviation podcast about aircraft ownership called the Airplane Intel Podcast. We cover a wide range of topics for aircraft owners and prospective buyers including aircraft comparisons, maintenance tips, management strategies, and interviews with owners and industry experts.

2017: We have been able to leverage enhancements in technology to bring more options to our clients. In many cases, the prospective buyer lives hundreds or thousands of miles away from candidate aircraft. Just looking at an airplane becomes quite time consuming an expensive. As a result, we introduced a live stream video conference evaluation that we call a Virtual Prebuy. A virtual prebuy allows prospective buyers (and their team) to get a detailed look at an airplane without the time, cost, and hassle of traveling or sending us to the aircraft. In many cases, a virtual prebuy can supplement or be a substitute for an on-site pre-purchase inspection.

2018: We launched our latest program called Aircraft Sales Systems, a turnkey approach to selling your airplane. Given our unique perspectives in the minds of buyers, we know how to structure an aircraft transaction to best serve both parties. The buyer know they are getting a safe, legal, and compliant aircraft and the seller knows they will sell their aircraft faster and for the best price.

2018: We formed the industry’s first network of Independent Aviation Field Agents to help us serve more customers worldwide. Our field agents help to facilitate virtual prebuys and sales demos to help bring prospective buyers and sellers together on qualified aircraft. Many of our field agents are pilots, A&P’s and/or aircraft owners. To date, we have 200 agents across the United States and several countries in Europe, Asia, and South America. Click on the map below to see all field agent locations.

Who we are


Don Sebastian

Don Sebastian is a pilot, flight instructor, aircraft mechanic and aviation expert with over 50 years' experience helping aircraft buyers and owners. Don is rated in airplanes, helicopters, and gliders and is type-rated in several jet aircraft including the Cessna Citation corporate jet. Learn more about Don here.


Adam Sipe

Adam Sipe is an aircraft mechanic with inspection authorization (A&P-IA), instrument pilot, and Embry Riddle graduate. Adam now specializes in aviation management and sales with over 12 years' experience maintaining and managing aircraft. Adam served as a crew chief, mechanic and quality assurance inspector on the F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets while serving in the Marine Corps. Learn more about Adam here.

Our Mission

To enhance aviation through responsible and effective aircraft ownership.

Our ethos

To have a passionate and disciplined commitment to balanced excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make aircraft ownership simple, more affordable, and ultimately more accessible by becoming the most trusted resource for aircraft ownership, maintenance, and operations.

Why Choose Airplane Intel & The Prebuy Guys for your next aircraft?

We understand that purchasing an aircraft is a major investment for you or your business. We also understand that navigating the complexities of aircraft ownership can be confusing and time-consuming, which is why we’re here to guide and support you during each phase of the purchase process and beyond. We have more than 60 years’ combined experience flying, maintaining, and managing all types of airplanes, including piston, turboprop, and jet-powered aircraft. We put our years of experience to good use by helping  you save money, reduce risk and increase safety.

We are not “armchair” consultants; we are hands-on aircraft mechanics and pilots that work in the field. Unlike maintenance shops, we specialize in pre-purchase evaluations and aircraft ownership matters. Thus, we have the experience, tools, and resources necessary to provide you with comprehensive, unbiased evaluations and advice for your aircraft. Moreover, we represent you and your interests during the entire process, and provide a wide variety of flexible options to meet your needs and fit your budget.

Finally, we are committed to providing you with the personal service and support you deserve as an aviator. Thus, you’ll always have direct access to us by phone, email, and video-conferencing platforms. We’re focused on quality over quantity, so you’ll always get the information you need to make more informed decisions with your airplane.

Want to learn more about us? Listen to our free weekly aviation podcast about aircraft ownership called the Airplane Intel Podcast, available here and on all major podcast players.

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